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RGT pro kit moins de 300e Empty RGT pro kit moins de 300e

Message  iguane81 Mar 18 Juin - 20:51

Salut, j'ai trouver ça : https://www.asiatees.com/display?RGT-1%2F10+Rock+Cruise+EX86100-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=RGT&model=1%2F10+Rock+Cruise+EX86100&id=158794&pid=1&rc_pal=3731353139

RGT pro kit moins de 300e Rgt10

Under RGT brand, in 1/10 scale, and by 313mm wheelbase, it is a realistic 1/10 4WD electrical crawler, and the item number is EX86100 PRO. The chassis has been improved and designed on the EX86100 RTR platform with most of its parts upgraded. The aimed user or hobby player for EX86100PRO, who is familiar with the model basic knowledge and have the first-level crawler on hand, want to update his/her own hobby collections by adding this special chassis. This vehicle has no electronic parts installed or equipped. The users shall prepare the suitable ESC, choose the favorite motor turns and the remote controller, as their wish. Depending on the off-road environment, and the different gear ratios, it can reach the maximum running experience. Focused on the principle of rational modification, the chassis rail on the EX86100PRO, is made of high-molded carbon fiber, and the battery mount on the EX86100PRo is also replaced with adjustable carbon fiber mount in order to adjust the weight on the front and rear easily. For the purpose to improve the off-road performance and increase the rigidity, the vehicle adopts aluminum alloy 6061 T6 of high strength on the chassis plate, the steering arm, the C brace and the rear hub. The transmission gears are replaced with the stiffer powder metallurgy gears, and the hobby player can modify the power train easily with stronger torque.


   Length: 510mm
   Width: 230mm
   Height: 245mm
   Weight: 2400g
   Wheelbase: 313-329mm
   Gear Ratio: 41.14:1
   Tire Diameter: 120mm
   Wheel Diameter: 54mm
   Ground Clearance: 80mm


   Chassis Structure:

The entire chassis structure has been upgraded, in which the component parts are made of aluminum alloy 6061T6.

The chassis plate, the panhard bar, the link brace mount, the central drive shaft, the steering mount, the steering arm and the rear hub, all are upgraded to CNN machined metal parts.

   Chassis Rail:

The chassis rail is made of molded carbon fiber material, equipped with aluminum alloy shock absorber mount, which increase the adjustable position holes, to highlight the unique appearance and performance.

   Adjustable Wheelbase:

By the installation holes on the chassis plate and the chassis rail, the wheelbase could be adjusted from 313 to 329 to match most of the body shells in the main wheelbase, to reduce the replaced cost and achieve the excellent running experience.

   Aluminum Alloy Housing Cover & Aluminum Alloy Rear Hub:

The upgraded real hub provides smoother power output for the vehicle during high-intensity off-road operation and prevents the transmission shaft from slipping.

   Wheel Dust Cover:

The dust-proof cover on the wheel makes the wheel frame more realistic and visualize and prevents the foreign dust.

   Front CVD in 1144 material:

The front steering system is equipped with CVD, which increases the steering angle and is not easy to break dog bones.

   Hard Anodized Adjustable Metal Shock Absorber
   Metal Transmission Gear Set:

The gears inside the gear box are made of metal and equipped with a plastic gear cover, thus improving the working performance.

   Tire for All Terrain:

The pattern on the tire surface is scattered, and the depth of the wheel pattern has better draining performance. The unique side pattern increases the grip of tire and improves the vehicle passing performance greatly.

   Realistic Body Shell Design

The body adopts the design of the simulated pickup truck ( Jeep Wrangler), and uses the PC material, and has equipped with injection-molded roof rack and spare tire mount. The roof is equipped with LED light bars, which make the appearance more striking. This body shell can also be installed on RGT EX86100.


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RGT pro kit moins de 300e Empty Re: RGT pro kit moins de 300e

Message  JLL35 Mar 18 Juin - 22:41

Pas l'air mal et tout métal le bestiau, affaire à suivre Exclamation

L'homme sage est celui qui connaît ses limites.

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